This mastermind course is designed for the creative business owner who wants to be successful in any market...

In this mastermind we will walk you through how to dominate any market condition such as...

  • Oversaturated Market

    In this market everyone is the same and it seems impossible to gain any market footprint. We will show you how to make yourself stand out and book your ideal client.

  • Stagnant Market

    Do you ever feel you are just not progressing in your market? Sometimes, when you are in the same market for a long time things get stale. We will show you how to analyze your business process and re-energize your mindset filled with a new perspective.

  • Relocating to a New Market

    Maybe you are completely moving your business to another state. We have had to do this five times in the last twelve years. Our system can give you a plan to book clients in your new market before you even get there.

Hello Everyone...

My name is Meredith Ryncarz

I am the proud owner and founder of the Restart Specialist. The Break Into a New Market program is our flagship course that has been twelve years in the making. With my husbands career, we have moved six times in the last twelve years. I have had to face every market imaginable and worse I knew other business owners who felt the same way. I truly wanted to create a solution that could be used by any creative business owner who just wanted to succeed in any market they face. So I took all of my knowledge along with other leaders in the industry and the Break Into a New Market Course was born...
Hello Everyone...

So I really could use this, what is included in the course...

This course is a 6-week in depth mastermind into what it takes to be successful in any market. This course includes everything you will ever need and is meant for businesses at all levels. Here is what you will get...

  • 27+ videos. These videos are the backbone of the course and walk you through each step toward your market goals. Unlike other masterminds and courses, these videos will not be boring and are loaded with actual information you can use day one.

  • 16 worksheets. These worksheets go hand-in-hand with the videos to further enhance your learning

  • ACCESS FOR LIFE!!! Thats right, as we develop new content you will receive it.

  • The best instructors in the industry teaching you every step... to include Rachel Brenke (The Law Tog), and Myrna Daramy (Myrna & Co.)

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee that if you do the work and can show us but don't get results, we will give you a 100% refund

This mastermind course sounds great but does it work?

With these techniques, we were able to book $20,000 in business six months before relocating. Still don't believe us, here is what our past clients have to say...

“My company literally would not exist if not for the cheerleading, coaching and encouragement of Meredith. The Break into a New Market Course has been great motivation and accountability to keep taking steps forward, even if sometimes all I can do are baby steps. ”

Suzy Matthews- Invitation DesignerSuzy Matthews- Invitation Designer

“Meredith is a professional who truly knows not only the industry, but also the nature of a small business. She has been an incredible mentor, which is proving invaluable to my portrait and wedding photography business. Without hesitation, I highly recommend The Restart Specialist.”

Joyce Mills- PhotographerJoyce Mills- Photographer

“If you need help with your business direction, Meredith is a must!”

Annette Lindsey-Floral DesignerAnnette Lindsey-Floral Designer

“There is nothing more empowering for me as an entrepreneur than the clarity The Restart Specialist has given me in understanding the "why" behind each business move I make, how to make those plans come straight from a genuine heart, why I brand and market the way I do, the confidence to set rules and boundaries, how to take my life back, and how to direct my business rather than letting it direct me. ”

Katie Allred- PhotographerKatie Allred- Photographer

“Meredith has been a wonderful asset in helping me to launch my business in a new location. I recently moved from New York to Virginia and her assistance and knowledge regarding "starting over" after relocating has been invaluable in helping me to conquer some of my initial fears in moving my business. ”

Jessica Capozzola- PhotographerJessica Capozzola- Photographer

Here is what we will cover in the course...

Please feel free to watch our free videos in Lesson 1 and 2

  • 1
    Welcome to Break into a New Market
  • 2
    Module 1- Mindset Part 1, and What Not to do...
    • What We Did Wrong FREE PREVIEW
    • Worksheet #1- What Has Gone Wrong?
    • Mindset Part 1
    • Worksheet #2- Mindset Assessment
    • Worksheet #3- Mindset Assignment
    • What We Did Wrong- Audio Download
    • Mindset Part 1- Audio Download
  • 3
    Module 2-Business Planning Part 1
    • Mindset Part 2
    • Worksheet 4- Mindset Part 2
    • Worksheet 5- Vendor Interview Questionnaire Template
    • Worksheet 5.1- E-Mail template swipe files for vendors
    • Mission and Vision Statements
    • Worksheet 6- Mission and Vision Statement Development
    • Minset Part 2- Audio Download
    • Mission and Vision Statements- Audio Download
  • 4
    Module 3- Business Planning Part 2
    • What is SWOT?
    • Worksheet 7- SWOT Analysis
    • Worksheet 7.1- SWOT TEMPLATE
    • Finances to Consider
    • Worksheet 8- Financial Analysis
    • What is SWOT?- Audio Download
    • Finances to Consider-Audio Download
  • 5
    Module 4- Legal Considerations
    • Legal Considerations with the LawTog- Part 1
    • Legal Considerations with the LawTog- Part 2
    • Legal Considerations with the LawTog Slide-Deck with Notes Download
    • Legal Considerations with the LawTog Slide-Deck Download
    • Legal Consideration with the LawTog- Part 1 Audio Download
    • Legal Considerations with the LawTog- Part 2 Audio Download
  • 6
    Module 5- Scope out your new area
    • Who is Your Ideal Client?
    • Worksheet 9- Ideal Client Blueprint
    • Ideal Client Implementation in Your New Market
    • Worksheet 10- Ideal Client Implementation
    • Networking Using Ideal Client Research
    • Worksheet 11- Meeting with Vendors for Specific Purpose
    • Ideal Client Implementation in Your New Market- Audio Download
    • Who is Your Ideal Client- Audio Download
    • Networking Using Ideal Client Research- Audio Download
    • WORKSHEET 12- E-mail Templates for Specific Purpose
  • 7
    Module 6- Workflow, Systems, and Tools
    • Workflow Part 1
    • Workflow Part 2
    • Workflow Part 1- Audio Download
    • Workflow Part 2- Audio Download
    • Workflow E-Book- Fast Action Bonus
  • 8
    Module 7- SEO Part 1
    • SEO Basics Part 1
    • SEO Basics Part 2
    • SEO Basics Part 3
    • Worksheet 13- How to use Alexa
    • SEO Basics Part 1- Audio Download
    • SEO Basics Part 2-Audio Download
    • SEO Basics Part 3- Audio Download
  • 9
    Module 8- SEO Part 2
    • SEO Course with Myrna
    • SEO/DMO Checklist
    • SEO Course with Myrna- Audio Download
  • 10
    Module 9- Marketing in Your New Market
    • Blogging
    • Worksheet 14- Blogging
    • Why Market Differently?
    • Multitiered Marketing- The New Approach
    • Worksheet 15- Marketing and Newsletters
    • Blogging- Audio Download
    • Why Market Differently?- Audio Download
    • Multitiered Marketing- The New Approach- Audio Download
  • 11
    Module 10- Social Media Marketing
    • Maximizing Social Media Marketing with Caryn Part 1-Facebook
    • Maximizing Social Media Marketing with Caryn Part 1- Slide Deck with Notes
    • Maximizing Social Media Marketing with Caryn Part 2- Slide Deck with Notes
    • Maximizing Social Media Marketing with Caryn Part 2-Instagram
    • Quick Note on Branding
    • Why you Need a Branding Shoot
    • Maximizing Social Media Marketing with Caryn Part 1- Audio Download
    • Maximizing Social Media Marketing with Caryn Part 2- Audio Download
    • Quick Note on Branding...Audio Download
    • Why you Need a Branding Shoot-Audio Download
    • Maximizing Social Media Marketing with Caryn- Slide Deck
  • 12
    Module 11- Flipping the Switch
    • Flipping the Switch
    • Creating a Buzz...
    • Styled Shoots
    • Worksheet 16- Styled Shoots
    • Flipping the Switch- audio Download
    • Creating a Buzz...Audio Download
    • Styled Shoots-Audio Download
  • 13
    Module 12- Getting ready for the move
    • Pre-Planning for Your New Market
    • Three Issues you Might Face...
    • Pre-Planning for Your New Market-Audio Download
    • Three Issues You Might Face..-Audio Download
    • End of Course Survey
  • 14
    Additional Resources
    • Discount Codes and Coupons
    • Advanced SWOT Worksheet
    • Editable SWOT Template
    • Relocation Workbook- Fast Action Bonus
    • Military Considerations when Relocating your Business
    • Military Considerations when Relocating your Business- Audio File

Meet your additional instructors..

We brought together industry leaders to help you rapidly market your business. While two heads are better than one, it truly takes a village to grow a business..

  • Rachel  Brenke

    Rachel Brenke

    Law Instructor

    Rachel Brenke is the founder of the Business Bites podcast, and several successful legal niche brands including TheLawTog®, FitLegally, and BlogLegally. She is also a mother of five, wife to an Army Veteran, practicing lawyer, author, photographer, cancer survivor, and Team USA Athlete. Through her podcast, brands, and 1-on-1 services, Rachel helps creative entrepreneurs with business strategy and legal needs such as business formation, contract drafting, and business and intellectual property law. As an entrepreneur in each of these industries, Rachel has a pulse on the pain points and needs of these fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Myrna Daramy

    Myrna Daramy

    SEO Instructor

    Myrna Plaisir Daramy is a tech-savvy creative powerhouse who is Co-Owner of Mezzohead Media Corporation and the mind behind — the first rich content platform tool for bridal tips. With over 14 years of professional experience, she is an SEO powerhouse and a Digital Strategist who has built her career in the luxury bridal industry. She simultaneously uses her formal education and her natural eye for design by helping businesses find the balance between technology application and creativity is what makes her one of the most insightful digital marketing strategists today. In her words, Myrna takes pride in knowing, believing in, and helping clients peel back the layers of their brand, re-engineer their technology platform, and produce an optimized marketing machine that is technically sound and quantifies every marketing dollar.
  • Caryn Terradas

    Caryn Terradas

    Social Media Instructor

    Caryn Terradas is the owner of Social U, a social media consulting firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. Caryn has been in sales and marketing a long time. Originally, working in retail sales for almost 15 years before moving along to corporate America before deciding to open up her own company. After going out on her own, she was asked to speak to a small group regarding social media and has continued to speak across the country.

Course Bonuses

Usually when courses give you bonuses they really don't relate to the course or add no value. When we add bonuses, they are services and products we use. This is important to us because we want all of you to get the best service to achieve your goals.

  • Discounts to Industry Leading Experts and Education

    $547 value

    You will have access to discount codes for nine businesses we use to break into any market. These are essential to our success and we wanted to pass our relationship and savings along to you. These industry leaders include Two Bright Lights, the Law Tog, Planoly and much more.

  • E-Books

    $70 value

    These e-books on relocating your business and workflow are sold in our online store. They will provide invaluable help to enforce the lessons you learn in the course.

Pricing options

This is our early bird special pricing. We only have 20 slots so sign up while they still are available.

Still not sure if this is the right solution for you?

This course comes with a thirty-day money back guarantee that if you do the work and don't see the results we will give you a full refund no questions asked.