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Our education and consulting services are specialized to help you succeed in any market

  • Moving Your Business

    Relocation is a huge adventure with unlimited possibilities. Our Courses and personalized coaching will help you to unlock the potential in your new market.

  • Oversaturated Market

    Is you market stacked with competition and are you fed up with losing to people who just offer a cheap price point? Markets like this seem to be a mountain and impossible to conquer. I am here to tell you our experience will help you to overcome any market you may face.

  • Stagnation

    Have you been in business for a while and all of a sudden you hit a brick wall? Your business is just not growing like it used to. Our coaching services can help to analyze your business processes and reinvigorate your business to get back on track.

Feel controlled by your market?

Lets conquer it together..

Hi everyone I am Meredith, and we started our journey over 12 years ago. My husband and his job moved us six times in a twelve year period. Each time we moved, our photography business made money and we raised our prices. We want to bring these same techniques and marketing strategies to allow you to be successful in your business.
Feel controlled by your market?

How we can help...

All creative business are not created equal. We offer individualized solutions to meet your rapid marketing and relocation needs to

  • Video and E-Book education courses that offer a self paced approach

  • One-on-One Mentoring Sessions for those who want the most rapid results

  • In depth workflow analysis and business growth strategies

  • Tailored business and marketing planning for the next quarter or even year

  • Personal branding photography services that will make you stand out

We live by what we teach...

The same strategies and techniques we teach to our clients we utilize for our business. This means that we have done all of the research and testing for you to give you tried and true systems that actually work. We believe in a marketing approach that blends SEO marketing , social media, and networking into a tailored solution for your business. This approach allows you to move into a market rapidly and book clients before you even announce you are moving.

  • We booked $20,000 in our new market six months before living there

  • We have moved to six different states and maintained profitability every year

  • We have consulted over 300 creative businesses owners to achieve success

  • Our FLAGSHIP course "RESTART: Break into Any Market" is a culmination of our own process to moving a business

Don't take our word for it . . .

  • My company literally would not exist if not for the cheerleading, coaching and encouragement of Meredith. The Restart specialist has been great motivation and accountability to keep taking steps forward, even if sometimes all I can do are baby steps - Suzy Matthews (Invitation Designer)

  • Without the Restart Specialist I would still be juggling a ‘9-5’ job while treading water in growing a floral design business. Jason & Meredith asked the hard, but necessary, questions that opened my eyes to see where time, energy, and resources were being wasted; keeping me on a plateau business wise. The Restart Specialist program was instrumental in my dream coming true to work full time as a small business owner. I highly recommend! - Karen Roa (Aleen Floral Design)

  • Meredith has been a wonderful asset in helping me to launch my business in a new location. I recently moved from New York to Virginia and her assistance and knowledge regarding "starting over" after relocating has been invaluable in helping me to conquer some of my initial fears in moving my business. I really value The Restart Specialist and am so glad that I have Meredith's support and encouragement! - Jess Capozola (Focus on Joy Photography)

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