6 Weeks to Successful IPS Sales!

  • Insight

    From how to transition into IPS to overcoming fear of charging what you're worth . . . . we've got ya! We share our insight into what works and what doesn't and how to get there!

  • Education

    Not sure what products to offer your client or how to deal with the objections they may have to IPS? Join us for weekly educational video chats.

  • Office Hours

    Need additional support to get specific questions answered for your business and region? Hop on the weekly office hours for video chats.

The 6 week deep dive includes . . .

  • Intimate group of fellow creatives with the mastermind limited to 15.

  • Weekly educational calls to help give you insight into IPS process and pricing to be more profitable.

  • Weekly office hours to help you trouble shoot issues specific to pricing, process, and client objections.

  • One on one phone call for an hour at the end of the 6 weeks.

What if 6 weeks could change your business?

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